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Our Mission
We are Lawton is an intelligent, creative, diverse group of individuals striving to bring awareness to the Lawton, Oklahoma community. Staggering statistics have driven these individuals to form a proactive team to bring a breath of fresh air to their city.

                Personal crusades have brought this team together to combat crime, lack of awareness, demographic separation, troubled youth, budget cuts, lack of funding, and mostly a lack of togetherness. The personal dilemmas of the team have turned into promises to make a difference within the community by bringing events to the area that promote positivity by diversity, unification, and awareness.

                We are Lawton is a voice for the community to encourage people to support programs, utilize resources, take a stand against violence & crimes and help when it is needed. Hosting unique events aimed at bringing all social classes, races, ages and genders together to raise needed funding for the community is the hidden treasure that brings success for together, We Are Lawton.